DIXF – Copy data between Ax systems

At various points in time during an Ax implementation and following go live, it is necessary to move data between systems. Sometimes restoring the entire database is both unnecessary and inconvenient.

Depending on who the tasks falls to (or who has time to complete it) there are a few different ways this can be achieved. A more technically inclined resource might look to the Test Data Transfer Tool. A more functionally minded resource might use the old definition groups, or the new (to Ax 2012 R2 CU7) Data Import Export Frameworks ability to export an entity. The DIXF currently supports 150 entities out of the box, and also provides the ability to create custom entities.

To begin with, create a new processing group in the source system.

Add the entity (or entities) to be exported to the processing group.

Select Export to Ax

Select an export location, file name and file format. This step will resemble the definition group export functionality.

In the destination system, navigate to System Administration \ Common \ Data export/import \ Import. Locate the file exported in the steps above, and select OK.

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